Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I get a brochure regarding new Honda products?

    Brochures are available online in PDF format for most current Honda models. Please navigate to the appropriate model page or visit your local Honda dealer.

  • How can I find specifications on new Honda products?

    Please visit our website and select the new model you are interested in and then select "Specifications" for more information.

  • What are the performance numbers of my Honda product, such as horsepower, top speed, mpg?

    Honda normally does not publish performance numbers. You may want to check with various industry magazines or websites which may publish their own performance tests. Independent test results may vary depending on testing conditions, equipment, etc.

  • What are the production numbers for my year and model Honda?

    Production numbers are not available. This information is proprietary. 

  • I need help with a product that has the Honda name on it but is not an actual Honda product (i.e. bicycle, mini-moto, models)

    Honda may authorize some companies to use its name on their products. These companies are responsible for the products they produce and sell. Please contact the manufacturer of your specific product directly.