Honda Protection Plan

ATVs and Offroad Motorcycles

Includes Utility ATVs, Sport ATVs and Off-Road Motorcycles (excludes all CR and Competition CRF products)

  • Nationwide Coverage

    Covered repairs may be performed at any authorized Honda Motorcycle/ATV Dealership within the United States, including Hawaii and Alaska.

  • No Mileage Limitation

    Ride as much as you like. Coverage will not expire at any pre-set limit.

  • No Deductible

    Not one penny will come out of your pocket to pay for repairs covered by HondaCare®.

  • Transferable

    Coverage is transferable to the next owner of your vehicle at no additional cost.

  • Genuine Honda Protection

    Repairs are performed by Honda Trained Technicians who use only Honda Genuine Parts™ to return your vehicle to the level of performance you experienced before the problem occurred.

  • Extent of Coverage

    A Honda Protection Plan covers you for mechanical failures as a result of defects in materials or factory workmanship, with no additional out-of-pocket costs. Coverage is virtually the same as the Honda Limited Warranty coverage you get with a new Honda; however, tires, batteries and accessories are not covered. Every Honda Protection Plan is good across the country, and replacements are always made with Honda Genuine Parts.

  • Deadline

    HondaCare Protection can prolong genuine Honda coverage, but it's only available while your new-vehicle warranty is still in effect. Check your paperwork carefully, because when your warranty expires, so does this offer.

  • Models Covered

    Honda Protection Plan coverage is available for new Honda ATVs and select Honda Motorcycles (excludes all CRs and competition CRFs*) that are still under factory warranty. Honda Protection Plans are also available for Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that are obtained from your Honda Dealer's inventory. The maximum term length for pre-owned models is 24 months.

  • Simple to Obtain

    HondaCare Protection is available at authorized Honda Dealerships nationwide. See your local Honda Dealer for a more detailed description of features, benefits and pricing for your vehicle.

    *Honda Protection Plans are not available for CR, CRF-R and CRF-X models.

Honda Protection Plan - ATV


Suggested Retail Price

Honda Protection Plan - Off-Road Motorcycles

Off-Road Motorcycles

Suggested Retail Price

Term Charts

These charts show the maximum coverage available with a Honda Protection Plan. You can extend your coverage by an additional four or four and a half years - for a combined total of five years.*

Up to 4 years of Genuine Honda Protection Up to 4 years of Genuine Honda Protection

* Offroad motorcycles and 2007 and prior ATV's have a 6 month Limited Warranty, and are eligible for 4 ½ of Honda Protection which equals a total of 5 years protection.

The HondaCare Protection Plan is administered by the American Honda Service Contract Corporation in the state of Florida.


Here's a quick inside look at just a few of the items that are covered by a Honda Protection Plan:

  • Fuel System
    • Carburetors
    • Intake Manifold
    • Fuel Tanks
    • Fuel Petcock
  • Electrical
    • Engine Control Module
    • Alternator
    • Regulator/Rectifier
    • Electric Shift System
  • Cooling Systems
    • Radiator
    • Water Pump
    • Thermostat
    • Cooling Fans
  • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Crankshaft
    • Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Camshafts, Cylinders
  • Brakes
    • Calipers
    • Reservoirs
    • Rotors
  • Drive System
    • Differential
    • Driveshaft
    • Axles
    • CV Joints
  • Chassis
    • Frame
    • Shocks
    • Swingarm
    • Steering Control Rods

Excludes: Tires, batteries, accessories and expendable maintenance items, such as spark plugs, belts, filters and lubricants.

Extended Coverage
Extended Coverage

HondaCare Protection is available at authorized Honda Dealerships in the United States.

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