Getting Started

Go Play In The Dirt.

Things don't get much more fun than hitting the trail or track on a Honda CRF or TRX, and for those with kids it's what family quality time is all about. Consider this section your starter's kit to a lifetime of playing safely and responsibly in the dirt.

  • Ride Safe And Smart

    Ride Safe And Smart

    Rules for Safe Riding — Trail and Off-Road Basics

    There's only one thing better than owning a Honda, and that's learning how to ride it safely. Here are some essential tips.

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  • Know Your Honda

    Know Your Honda

    Off-Road Maintenance — The Basics

    There are plenty of low-effort things you can do to ensure safe riding and a long life for your off-road machine.

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  • Responsible Riding For Kids

    Responsible Riding For Kids

    Get the Most Out of Your Family Rides

    There’s a certain joy and satisfaction that comes from passing on your love of riding in the dirt, especially for those of you with kids. But, there’s a right way and a wrong way to teach your kids how to ride both safely and responsibly.

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  • Tools Of the Trail
    Tools Of the Trail

    No matter what your experience level is, wearing proper protective gear is a must while off-road riding.

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  • Making Sure You're on the Right Machine
    Making Sure You're on the Right Machine

    Walk into any motorcycle or ATV dealership and the sheer variety of bikes and quads can sometimes be overwhelming. However...

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