Pollution is the problem. And Honda is part of the solution.
As a company, Honda has always had a great reputation of bringing innovative solutions to the table when it comes to environmental issues. And nowhere is that more true than in our powersports division. Many of our models have exceeded the stringent CARB (California Air Resources Board) emissions requirements years ahead of schedule. Our lineup of personal watercraft was pioneering in the use of purpose-built marine-spec four-stroke power plants to lessen water pollution. In fact, all of our motorcycle products for sale in the United States, including our scooters and closed-course racing bikes, have four-stroke engines. That's the kind of performance everybody can appreciate.

Our Commitment to Environmental Learning
Part of being environmentally responsible and being a leader is educating others to be responsible too. And that’s why we set up the Honda OHV and Environmental Learning Centers. They’re designed to provide environmental awareness and education to the community, and function as an expansion of our existing Honda Rider Education Centers. These rider education facilities teach riders how to ride safely and responsibly on- and off-road, and educate riders to the ethics of responsible land use.

Honda’s OHV Environmental Learning Centers are the only educational facilities in the U.S. that provide state-of-the-art rider safety and training and environmental education within the same facility.

Our Contributions in the Industry
Honda works with many clubs and organizations in the industry towards the shared goal of environmental protection. For preservation and responsibility of our waterways, Honda serves as a contributor to the Personal Watercraft Industry Association and the American Watercraft Association. We're also a contributor to Tread Lightly, Inc., and the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council promoting safe, responsible, family oriented off-highway recreational experiences.

Honda Products Lend A Helping Hand
Honda products are also actively involved in many environmental rescue missions. One mission we are particularly proud of is the use of our Honda ATVs to help the single most endangered species of sea turtle. Joining a cooperative effort by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service and the government of Mexico, Honda ATVs to patrol beaches in South Padre Island, Texas, and more than 100 miles of remote beach in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas. Project team members comb the beaches for nesting turtles, mark the sites, tag turtles, and collect eggs and relocate them to a protected area away from poachers, both human and animal.

"The Honda ATVs have proven indispensable to accomplish this part of our job," said Dr. Pat Burchfield, U.S. Field Group coordinator. "We have used Honda all-terrain cycles exclusively for more than 23 years. Our fleet has grown from one unit in 1978 to more than 20 units which we operate under the harshest conditions imaginable."

It’s the Honda Way
Honda’s products and corporate philosophy have always reflected our environmental concern. Whether it’s helping you use energy more efficiently through better fuel economy, using recycled materials in our vehicles (aluminum is a great example), or building a product that lasts so there’s no wasteful replacement, it’s all part of how Honda does business. And it’s why, when you choose a Honda, you not only are making a great choice, but you’re making a responsible choice.