What to Bring- The Guide to Packing the Right Tools for Your Ride

    American Honda
    Feb 04, 2011

By: American Honda staff

What to Bring - Whether you’re going touring or heading out on your dirt bike, here are two lists of essentials you should bring along.

Way back in the golden age of television, there was a show about some guy named Bronson who traveled the country by motorcycle, getting into the darndest adventures on a weekly basis. And throughout his many journeys he seemed to carry along only two essential items: a Navy-style beanie and a sleeping bag lashed to the bike’s fork tubes.

Clearly, this was pure fiction at its most wistful. However, whether you favor long street rides or enjoy backcountry explorations aboard a dirt bike, you need only a few essentials to handle the majority of surprises that may crop up. We’ve separated the following lists of indispensables into two groupings, one for street and one for dirt. Check out both lists and you’ll find, not surprisingly, that many items overlap.
Subhead: Dirt Riding Essentials
To generate this list, we asked multi-time Baja champion Johnny Campbell what he recommends bringing on a dirt-bike outing. All of the below fits into one fanny pack that stays ready for a ride at any time.
—Cell phone
—Combination wrenches: 14mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm; titanium wrenches are expensive but light
—T-wrenches with interchangeable sockets: 14mm, 12mm, 10mm and 8mm
—Allen wrenches: 6mm, 5mm and 4mm
—Extra clutch and brake levers
—Tire levers for repairing flats
—Spare inner tube
—Air pump/CO2 inner-tube refiller
—Two-part epoxy for repairing holes in cases
—Paper and pencil to pass on notes
—Insurance cards for the motorcycle and medical coverage
—Zip ties
—Spare spark plug and wrench
—Tow rope
— Duct tape
—Sliding-jaw pliers
—Diagonal cutters
—Chain breaker, small piece of chain and two master links
—Spare axle block, nut and washer
—Hose clamps
—Toilet paper
Subhead: Street Touring Essentials
—Credit cards; two or more in case a far-flung pattern of repeat purchases kicks off a card lockdown when it’s least convenient
—Cell phone
—Motorcycle owner’s manual
—Tire gauge
—Multi-tool and/or Swiss Army knife
—Siphon hose
—Tow rope
—Tire repair kit
—Duct tape
—Small flashlight
—Maps and/or GPS unit
—Toilet kit
—Extra clothes
—Rain gear, including waterproof boots or overboots and gloves
—Extra regular riding gloves, one pair of light riding gloves and a warmer set; finicky types bring ventilated light gloves, gauntlet mediums and insulated heavy gloves
—Lip balm
—Dark faceshield for your helmet or sunglasses; never use tinted lenses after dark
—Spare ignition key—or two if you’re prone to misplacing things
Above all, whether you’re riding cross-country or planning a big dirt-riding loop, bring a spirit of adventure, an extra measure of patience and a sense of humor. You’re going riding to experience new things, so embrace the challenge. If you encounter a delay, so be it; you’re out to have a good time so there is nobody to please except yourself. And if something goes awry, just grin and bear it. After all, after a few miles of riding down a good, scenic road or trail, just about any hassles you’ve encountered will evaporate into thin air.


Originally published by Americvan Honda.

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