Protection Plan

A Perfect Plan for Every Honda

People choose Honda products for their renowned quality and reliability. Honda Protection Plans™ are quality Extended Service Agreements and Roadside Assistance plans created and backed by American Honda Motor Co., Inc. designed to give customers even more peace of mind. They provide all the stability and security of a Honda product to buyers of Honda motorcycles, ATV's, side-by-sides, and scooters. HondaCare® will add to the long-term enjoyment of owning a new or certified pre-owned Honda.

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Get Protection Under Our Wing

HondaCare Roadside Assistance - now more convenient to purchase than ever! All you need is your vehicle identification number and a credit card. Click on the link and follow the instructions:

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Features and Benefits include:
  • Choice of Towing Benefits

    Towing to the nearest Honda Dealer, regardless of distance.


    Towing to any Honda Dealer, or the customer residence within 30 miles.


    Towing to any Honda Dealer or customer residence beyond 30 miles and customer pays the difference.

  • Toll-free number available 24/7
  • Multi-year coverage at discounted rates.
  • Zero deductible.
  • Covers any person riding the motorcycle with the owner's consent.
  • Roadside Assistance provides coverage in the United States, Canada and Mexico through the services of more than 45,000 providers.
  • Up to 2.0 gallons of emergency fluids or fuel at no charge.
  • Locksmith and extrication assistance.
  • Transferable to the next owner.
  • If purchased in conjunction with a HondaCare Plan, the Distributor's Limited Warranty period is also covered.

HondaCare Protection Plan®

Features and Benefits include:
  • Genuine Protection

    HondaCare Protection is an exclusive product of American Honda and is offered only through authorized Honda dealerships* in the United States. The Plans are administered and backed by the resources of American Honda and include the same quality and support your customers have come to expect with Honda products.

  • No Usage Limitation

    Honda's are built to be enjoyed and Honda customers are encouraged to do just that. Like the Distributor's Limited Warranty, there is no mileage or hour limitation for the term of the Plan.

  • Limited Exclusions in Plain English

    There isn't a long list of exclusion as found with other plans (with the exception of audio equipment, batteries, tires and accessories). The basic coverage that came with the Distributor's Limited Warranty can continue under these Plans.

  • No Overlapping Coverage

    HondaCare offers various term lengths. For new Honda products, coverage begins when the Distributor's Limited Warranty expires**. For pre-owned vehicles, the coverage starts when the Plan is purchased.

  • Nationwide Coverage

    No matter how far away from home Honda riders travel in the United States, HondaCare is there. Covered repairs can be performed at any authorized Honda dealership nationwide, where Honda technicians will use only Honda Genuine Parts.

  • No Deductible

    Unlike some plans, with HondaCare there is no deductible to pay for any repair required because of defects in material or factory workmanship for the term of the Plan chosen.

  • No Transfer Fees

    Should the day come when the Honda rider decides to sell his or her Honda, the remaining coverage can be transferred to the subsequent owner of the same vehicle at no charge.

  • Pricing

    Only one price structure to use. No charts or confusing time periods.

* You are only authorized to sell and service Honda products and Honda Protection Plans in accordance with your specific sales and service agreement.

** The Honda Protection Plans are administered by American Honda Service Contract Corporation (AHSCC) in the state of Florida. Coverage begins when a Plan is purchased.