Refinement No Other Bike Can Touch.

With experience comes wisdom. Sure, fluorescent-colored breakfast cereal might be fun when you’re a kid, but as you learn more, you start eating smarter. Same with your motorcycles. Loud, flashy bikes that try to grab your attention with outrageous styling, but do not turn or stop well? Seating positions that would give a chiropractor nightmares? Pass. The experienced rider looks for a machine that works with him or her. That offers plenty of performance, that’s comfortable to ride—even at a brisk pace.

For generations, that’s meant Honda’s Interceptor, a bike that performs as well in the curves as it does on the open road. The Interceptor's 782cc V-4 VTEC engine with fuel-injection mapping for better low-end torque feel. It includes adjustable seat height to better fit a range of riders, front-mount radiator for a slimmer profile, radial-mount front brakes, and all-side muffler, wheels and Pro-Arm swingarm. There’s even a Deluxe model for 2015 with features like traction control, anti-lock brakes, self-cancelling turn signals, a centerstand and heated grips.

  • See It In Action

    See It In Action

    See how the 2015 Interceptor extends the legacy of innovative performance and refinement, thanks to its remarkable balance, broad-ranging versatility and long-range comfort.

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  • V-4 Engine

    V-4 Engine

    An Interceptor hallmark since the beginning, the V-4 in our latest model does what Honda V-4s have always done best: provide tons of low-end torque with plenty of high-revving power.

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  • Adjustable Seat Height

    Adjustable Seat Height

     The Interceptor’s seat adjusts from 31.8 inches to 31.0 inches to help custom-tailor the cockpit to a wider range of riders.

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  • Traction Control

    Traction Control

     Available on the Interceptor Deluxe, traction control pairs with our Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) to give you more confident riding under challenging conditions.

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    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your Interceptor.
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