The Evolution Of Our CTX Family: The CTX1300

Some motorcycles take a proven formula and change it up a little. Then there’s Honda’s CTX family of bikes—they’ve blown their class wide open and completely reinvented it.

The CTX1300 is a great example: With a 1261cc V4 engine it has plenty of power. Innovations abound in the integrated bodywork. Best of all, it’s available in two versions: the CTX1300 and the CTX1300 Deluxe, with Bluetooth® Audio, anti-lock brakes, self-cancelling turn signals, traction control and a blacked-out look.

  • Progress. Advancement. Evolution.

    Progress. Advancement. Evolution.

    It’s the law of nature. You evolve or fall by the wayside. The Honda CTX1300 is an evolutionary step in motorcycling. Watch the video to find out why.

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  • 1261cc V-4 Engine

    1261cc V-4 Engine

    Specially tuned for more low-to-midrange torque, the CTX1300 offers a responsive powerbands that greatly enhances your experience on the bike. One ride and you’ll see what we mean.

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  • Integrated Saddlebags

    Integrated Saddlebags

    Going on a trip? The CTX1300 is the perfect choice, thanks to the sleek, integrated saddlebags. A low-cut windscreen for style and wind-cheating bodywork help keep you looking good and comfortable for the long haul.

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  • Make It Your Own

    Make It Your Own

    We have plenty of Honda Genuine Accessories available to give your CTX1300 its own look. There's a tall windscreen, heated grips, backrest with pad, 12V accessory socket, rear trunk (45L), LED foglight kit, plenty of chrome accents, and more! 

  • Low Seat Height

    Low Seat Height

    With a CTX1300, the low seat is great at stoplights, comfortable for cruising and helps contribute to the bike’s low center of gravity, making for a pleasurable, confidence-inspiring ride.

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  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your CTX1300.
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