Spacious Storage
Shaft Final Drive
Adjustable Suspension
1832cc Liquid-Cooled, Fuel-Injected Engine
Aggressive Styling
Advanced Wind and Weather Protection
Low-Profile Windscreen
Long-Distance Seating
iPod® Connectivity
Heated Grips
Easy-Up Centerstand
Self-Cancelling Turn Signals
Passenger Backrest
Audio System with Surround Sound
Glovebox Within Glove Reach
Cruise Control
Exhaust System


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Raising the Ante

It’s impossible to compare the F6B to the competition, because there’s nothing else like it on the road except for our own Gold Wing and Valkyrie. And as you’d expect from a motorcycle of this caliber, the F6B offers the refinement, fit, finish, and overall dedication to advanced engineering and quality that only a Honda can. We’ve been making Gold Wings for 40 years now, and the F6B benefits from all that experience. One ride and you’ll see what we’re talking about. And you’ll wonder why anyone could settle for anything less.