1261 cc V4 Engine
Low Seat Height
Traction Control
Anti-Lock Brakes
Integrated Luggage
Low-Cut Windscreen
Audio System with Bluetooth Connectivity
Inverted Fork
LED Lighting
Self-Cancelling Turn Signals
Stylish and Functional Bodywork
LCD Info Screen
Passenger Seat Comfort
Storage Compartments with USB port
Unique Wheels and Tires
Adjustable Rear Suspension


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Innovation—It’s What The CTX1300 Is All About.

Honda’s CTX line of motorcycles are some of the most innovative we’ve ever produced. One look can tell you that, and that’s really saying something when you realize that no other company leads the way in innovative solutions and technologies like Honda. Just check out the new CTX1300’s long list of features, and you’ll see that this is a bike that can take you cruising into the next century.