Have Your Bike, and Enjoy It Too.

If your favorite place to be is outside with friends, meet your new favorite way to enjoy it. The Honda CRF250F, perfectly sized for real adventure. The fuel-injected engine offers reliable power across a wide powerband, even in cold weather and higher altitudes. The twin-spar frame is lightweight and Honda tough. The electric starter makes getting up and running easy, and the styling is right off our championship-winning CRF motocrossers. Not too big, not too small, the CRF250F is just right in every way.

  • Fuel Injection

    Fuel Injection

    Say goodbye to clogged pilot jets forever! Fuel injection means the CRF250F starts right up and runs smoothly, even in cold weather.

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  • Electric Starting

    Electric Starting

    Fun bikes are supposed to be about fun. And kickstarting a bike is nobody’s idea of a good time. On a CRF250F, you just push the button and go.

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  • Strong, Light Twin-Spar Frame

    Strong, Light Twin-Spar Frame

    The CRF250F sports a tubular-steel twin-spar frame that’s both lightweight and tough.

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  • Disc Brakes

    Disc Brakes

    The CRF250F features powerful disc brakes both front and rear. Stopping is serious business on this bike!

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  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your CRF250F.
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