Dual-Stage Fuel Injection
Electronic Combined Anti-Lock Braking (C-ABS)
Dual-Stage Ram Air
Honda Electronic Steering Damper
Unit Pro-Link® Suspension
Honda Multi-Action System (HMAS) Inverted Fork
Radial Mounted Front-Brake Calipers
Line-Beam Headlights
Centrally Located Fuel Tank
12-Spoke Wheels


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Innovation, Value, Versatility.

Looking for a new sportbike? These days, you have a lot of good machines to choose from. And a lot of them look pretty similar on paper, or if you’re comparing spec charts. But when you actually come down to ownership, there’s a world of difference. And a Honda starts looking better and better. Why? First there’s Honda’s famous engineering—better materials and better design that make your bike lighter, more powerful, and more fun to ride. Second, there’s Honda’s reputation for reliability, another byproduct of superior design and materials. And finally there’s Honda’s famous build quality. Taken together, they elevate your new Honda far above other similar machines.

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