There’s a lot of really cool gear out there for the PWC pilot and passenger, from state-of-the-art PFDs to wakeboards and three-seater tubes. Safety gear, however, is  essential, and below is a list of stuff we highly recommend for ensuring maximum enjoyment of your ride.

·        Personal flotation device. A U.S. Coast Guard-approved PFD must be worn by you and each of your passengers.

·        Eye protection. Goggles or sunglasses can help protect you from glare and spray.

·        Safety lanyard. Wear the engine shut-off cord around your left wrist. Before starting the engine, insert the lock clip in the engine stop button/switch.

·        Foot Protection. Deck shoes, tennis shoes or neoprene “footies” can help you keep your footing and avoid slipping.

·        Gloves. Gloves can help you maintain your grip on wet controls, and and also protect your hands while docking or loading.

·        Wetsuit. Wetsuit bottoms or neoprene shorts are highly recommended to protect against injuries that may occur during a fall at speed into the water.

·        Tow Rope. Good to have in the event that you or one of your buddies runs out of fuel or breaks down.

·        Sunscreen. Even on overcast days you can get sunburned, so lather up before heading out.