Taking your PWC out on the ocean or on your local lake or river, or towing a wakeboarder, skier or inflatable raft, is the best way to discover just how much fun your Honda AquaTrax can be. Here are a few pointers to consider when piloting your AquaTrax in any of these settings.
Ocean Riding Tips
This type of riding is likely the most demanding of all three, due to currents and other often rough conditions caused by swells and wind.
·        If you’re new to PWC and ocean riding, be sure to stay oriented by keeping the coastline in plain view.
·        Do you or one of your buddies have a GPS onboard? Before setting out, make sure someone in your group is familiar with how to use it.
·        Since the ocean is often choppy and rougher than other bodies of water, give yourself extra time to stop and turn.
·        Constantly scan for people (swimmers) and other boaters.
·        Be aware of conditions on the water, and avoid riding in fog or darkness – PWC have no lights.
·        Always have a tow rope stashed onboard. If your PWC runs out of gas or breaks down, one of your buddies can then bring you home.
Lake Riding Tips
Lakes, while often calm and glassy, can pose riding challenges of their own.
·        On large lakes, as with ocean riding, be sure to stay oriented by keeping the coastline in plain view.
·        Stay alert for swimmers, wakeboarders, water-skiers, and other PWC riders and boaters.
·        Always stay a safe distance from shore, where submerged rocks, sand bars or hard-to-see docks could cause you to crash.
River Riding Tips
Much the same as riding on a lake, only now your surface is often not as wide (thus leaving less room to turn and stop) and perhaps not as deep. So remember:
·        Be aware of your conditions—water depth, proximity to shore, current, etc.—at all times.
·        Always ride at speeds well within the safety zone of these conditions.
·        Stay away from swimming areas and respect the rights of others.