Riding a personal watercraft is definitely a blast, but it can also be very challenging and should always be taken seriously. Being well prepared and riding defensively will always give you a much better chance of avoiding an accident.

Below are a few basic tips to help you stay safe and have maximum fun on the water. Be sure to read your owner's manual and ask your dealer for additional safety brochures and advice.
General Safety Guidelines

Here’s a quick mental checklist to run through before you head out for a ride:

·        Never go out alone; use the buddy system and ride with someone else.

·        Know your limits, don’t overdo it, and ride according to your abilities.

·        Ride only in areas open to your type of PWC.

·        Be on constant alert for other boats and watercraft, especially sailboats.

·        Wear your personal flotation device (PFD) and other safety gear (see The Right Stuff).

·        Never ride at night. PWC are not equipped with lights.

·        If you fall off your PWC, always reboard from the rear.

·        Know how to swim. If you don't know how, learn.