Clean and polish your personal watercraft frequently (using Pro Honda products, of course) to keep it looking newer longer. Here are a few tips for maintaining your Honda's appearance.
Washing Your Watercraft with a Mild Detergent

1.    Rinse your watercraft thoroughly with cool water. Spray the hull, deck, handlebar, and drive system.

2.    Fill a bucket with cool water. Mix in a mild, neutral detergent, such as dish washing liquid or a product made especially for washing personal watercrafts or automobiles.

3.    Rinse the engine and the engine compartment with fresh water. Dry with clean rags and spray a commercially-available marine-grade rust inhibitor on the engine.

4.    Wash your watercraft with a sponge or a soft towel.

5.    After washing, rinse your watercraft thoroughly with plenty of clean water to remove any residue.

6.    Dry your watercraft with a chamois or a soft towel. Leaving water on the surface to air dry can cause dulling and water spots.

Finishing Touches
After washing your watercraft, consider using a commercially-available quality fiberglass marine wax to finish the job. Apply only a non-abrasive wax made specifically for marine use. Apply the wax to the hull and deck according to the instructions on the container.

If the fiberglass is damaged, see your Honda dealer.