PWC maintenance, at least the basic stuff, can be a fun, family-oriented activity, and it’s fairly painless on a do-it-yourself basis. Here are a few simple tasks you can and should perform on a regular basis:

·        Drain plug removal. One of the first things to do once your ride is done and your PWC is out of the water is to remove the drain plug and empty any water found in the bilge area and engine compartment.

·        Flush the engine regularly. Whether you ride in fresh or salt water, it’s imperative to flush your PWC out with fresh water after each use. Your owner’s manual will give you full instructions on how to do this properly.

·        Lubrication. Always make sure your PWC’s oil reservoir is filled to the recommended level. (Your owner’s manual will help, or ask your local dealer.)

·        PWC storage. Once flushed, cleaned and lubed, your PWC is ready to be stowed away till the next ride. And if you leave your AquaTrax outside, it’s always good to keep it covered to prevent fading and deterioration from the sun and weather.