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Honda touring bikes have something for everyone: Our top-of-the-line Gold Wing has defined the state of the motorcycle touring art for almost four decades now. And this year we have plenty of other offerings too, from full-on luxury to more sporting choices. Wherever you want to ride, we have the perfect bike for you.

  • Gold Wing

    Gold Wing $23,990 Base MSRP
    • 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine; Heated grips, seat, & foot warmer; Premium Surround Sound; Cruise Control; Electric Reverse
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  • Gold Wing F6B

    Gold Wing F6B $19,999 Base MSRP
    • 1832cc liquid-cooled horizontally opposed six-cylinder engine
    • Integrated luggage, low-profile windshield, adjustable suspension, comfortable seat
    • Premium surround sound
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  • ST1300

    ST1300 $18,230 Base MSRP
    • 1261cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted 90 degree V-4 engine
    • Anti-Lock Brakes
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  • Interstate

    Interstate $13,240 Base MSRP
    • 1312cc liquid-cooled 52º V-twin engine
    • Leather overlaid protective hard saddlebags
    • Floorboards, windscreen, and blacked-out fork covers
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  • CTX1300

    CTX1300 $15,999 Base MSRP
    • 1261cc liquid-cooled longitudinally mounted 90° V-4
    • Integrated Saddlebags, adjustable suspension, comfortable seat, LED Headlights
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  • CTX700

    CTX700 $7,799 Base MSRP
    • 670cc Parallel-twin engine
    • Integrated storage area
    • Low seat height
    • Full Fairing
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  • Your Summer Riding Wardrobe

    Summer is the season of shorts and T-shirts. But not on a motorcycle. Motorcycles and summer go together like ice cream and apple pie. Vacation time, the long hours of daylight, the warm evenings, the inviting weather—even non-riders pester you to take them out as passengers. And who can blame them?

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  • Traction Control: Help for a Messy World

    The world can be a messy place—especially the road surface directly ahead of your motorcycle. Riders should always be on the lookout for contamination and foreign substances in the roadway. To provide a bit of assurance in an unsure world, Honda has incorporated Traction Control systems on some of its motorcycles, notably the current CTX1300 Deluxe and VFR1200F.

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