Wearing the right gear is essential to safe riding. What’s more, it helps you get maximum comfort—and therefore maximum enjoyment—out of the sport, while also greatly reducing the severity of the injury in the event of a get-off. And even better, as many an experienced motorcyclist will tell you, it’s a lot of fun shopping for moto-gear whether it’s that trick new helmet or the latest racer-replica leather jacket. You can start right at your nearest Honda dealer for all the latest kit, and from there you’ll find countless outlets—online, specialty stores, etc.—where you can literally shop til you drop, so check them out and have a blast. Meantime, here are a few essentials that should be at the top of every rider’s shopping list.

The most critical piece of protection you can ever put on. Full-face helmets give the most protection.

Eye protection.
All streetbike full-face helmets come with faceshields (clear or tinted plastic windscreens that slide up and down). Barring that, wear goggles or shatterproof shades.

Jacket. Denim is OK, but for maximum protection leather or heavy-duty synthetic materials (like ballistic nylon, cordura and Kevlar) specifically designed for motorcycle protective gear is even better.

Long Pants. Like jackets, denim is passable, but leather and heavy-duty synthetic are better.

Full Fingered Gloves. The best safeguard against abrasion and debris.

Boots. At a minimum, over-the-ankle boots made of strong leather.

High visibility. Bright-colored apparel is best, and gear that has reflective strips or piping is even better.

*Source materials for all safety gear tips found in this section: www.msf-usa.org
MSF Riding Tips: You and Your Motorcycle manual