One of the first things you should do after purchasing your new Honda streetbike or scooter is get to know everything about it. Start with your Owner’s Manual, which diagrams and explains components on your machine. Not all motorcycles are exactly alike (and scooters have their own unique features to consider), and your manual will help you understand the operation and maintenance needs specific to the model you’ve chosen.
Shifting gears. Get to know your transmission: Pull in the clutch, shift into first gear, and then ease the clutch out as you learn where exactly your transmission’s “friction zone” is.

Braking. Smoothness is key. Your ride doesn’t like abrupt inputs, and especially so when it comes to braking.

Turning. You need to lean your streetbike or scooter to make it turn. Except in the case of low-speed turns, all it takes is a gentle press of the handlebar in the direction you want to turn (right for a right turn, left for a left), and your motorcycle or scooter will follow your lead.
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