Round 10: Buchanon, MI
Red Bud
July 27, 2008

If you ever wanted to see a racer give everyone else a riding lesson, all you had to do was watch Joe Byrd on his Honda TRX450R this last weekend at Red Bud, especially in the second moto. His performance was flawless, showcasing both Byrd’s skill as a rider and his Honda TRX450R’s ability as a competition machine.

Byrd scored his third win of the season with his 2-1 moto finishes. “The bike was fast all weekend. [In the second moto] we just took the holeshot and then we just cruised.” While the MX championship has already been decided thanks to some bad luck earlier in the season, Byrd remains second in points and the leader in the Grand Slam points chase—a special championship-within-a-championship that will be decided in two weeks at the season finale.

Byrd was far from alone on his Honda, though: Four of the top ten finishers were riding Honda TRX450Rs, Harold Goodman scoring sixth overall with his 8-7 finishes and Josh Upperman right behind with a 6-9 (seventh-place-overall) performance.

Overall Results:
1. Joe Byrd (Honda) 2-1
2. Chad Wienen (Suz) 1-2
3. Doug Gust (Suz) 3-5
4. John Natalie, Jr. (Can) 7-3
5. Dustin Wimmer (Suz) 4-6
6. Harold Goodman (Honda) 8-7
7. Josh Upperman (Honda) 6-9

8. Jeremy Lawson (Can) 9-8
9. Jason Dunkelberger (Honda) 11-11
10. Josh Creamer (Can) 20-4