This past Saturday, the Supercross series made its final stop at Southern California's Angel stadium for round five, and 42,139 racing fans were on hand to witness Team Honda Muscle Milk's Justin Barcia claim his best finish of the season.

450 Race
With the second-quickest qualifying time in practice, Barcia looked solid aboard his Honda CRF450R. For the first time this season, he was forced to the semi-qualifying race after a first-turn crash left him in ninth during his heat race. He bounced back to win the semi and transfer into the main event. He launched off the line to a seventh-place start in the main, quickly made his way into sixth by the second lap, and took advantage of mistakes by other riders to finish fourth.

After a solid finish last weekend in Oakland, Muscle Milk-sponsored GEICO Honda's Wil Hahn was hoping to make even more progress this Saturday in Anaheim. Hahn transferred into the main event after finishing fourth in the semi-qualifying race. He got a sluggish start in the main event, but was able to work his way from 17th to 12th within the 20-lap race.

"I crashed in the whoops earlier in the day and hurt my hand. I was doing as much therapy between sessions as possible but it really started hurting towards the end of the main," explained Hahn. "I was really hoping for my best race of the year today since I made good progress last weekend in Oakland and have always enjoyed Anaheim. I was ready to tear it up but that crash changed things. Thankfully my hand's not broken."

"Today I just wanted to get back into the groove as much as I could," stated Tomac. "I was still hoping for a top-five finish in the main but ended up getting a flat tire. Overall it was a good day and I was able to do some things on the track that the other guys weren't, which was cool. I did feel my shoulder getting a bit weak in the main event, so I know I still need to build strength back so I can attack the whole time."

250 Race
It was a tough day for Muscle Milk-backed GEICO Honda rider Zach Osborne who went down in the final practice session, suffering an injury that ultimately sidelined him for the remainder of the night. Osborne has led the team's 250 effort with two podium finishes this season, and currently sits fifth overall in the points standings.

450 Class Overall Results
1. Chad Reed
2. Ken Roczen
3. Ryan Villopoto
4. Justin Barcia (Honda)
5. Weston Peick
6. Justin Brayton
7. James Stewart
8. Jake Weimer
9. Andrew Short
10. Ivan Tedesco

450 Class Championship Points (after 5 of 17 rounds)
1. Ryan Villopoto 104
2. Chad Reed 102
3. Ken Roczen 97
4. Justin Brayton 86
5. James Stewart 80
6. Ryan Dungey 76
7. Justin Barcia 74
8. Andrew Short 61
9. Wil Hahn 52
10. Jake Weimer 50

250 Supercross West Class Overall Results
1. Dean Wilson
2. Cole Seely (Honda)
3. Cooper Webb
4. Justin Hill
5. Jason Anderson
6. Malcolm Stewart (Honda)
7. Jake Canada
8. Shane McElrath (Honda)
9. Jessy Nelson (Honda)
10. Dakota Tedder

250 Supercross West Class Championship Points
(after 5 of 9 rounds)
1. Jason Anderson 109
2. Cole Seely 109
3. Dean Wilson 97
4. Cooper Webb 85
5. Justin Hill 82
6. Zach Osborne 69
7. Malcolm Stewart 69
8. Jessy Nelson 61
9. Shane McElrath 55
10. Dean Ferris 52