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Jimmy Decotis Profile Picture
  • Stats

    Residence Peabody, Massachusetts
    National # 57
    Began Riding
    First Race
    Height 5'5
    Weight 150
  • Bio

    • Just north of Boston, in a little town called Peabody, is the home of Jimmy Decotis. At first glance, you wouldn't know that it's the home of one of the most-loved racers of a generation. The guy rips and he's not afraid to hang it out and go bar-to-bar with anyone. Off the track he's just a regular kid who rolls deep with a crew of like-minded New Englanders that work hard and play hard.

      "I've always had fun with my career and everything I do. I've always enjoyed riding a dirt bike. When I was a kid, my dad never pushed me to go to the track or pushed me to train. He told me if it's what you love to do, then go do it. Doing this as a professional was never something I planned to do. I just rode a lot. As I got older, about 14 or 15, I realized I'm pretty good at this and started to take it more seriously."

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