Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where should I have my Honda product serviced?

    We highly recommend having your product serviced at an authorized Honda dealer. If you decide to maintain it yourself or have it maintained by an independent repair facility we recommend using Genuine Honda Parts and keeping all your receipts as we may ask for them should a warranty concern arise.

  • Are any maintenance services included with my Honda product? (i.e. first service interval)

    No, maintenance is not included with the product. These expenses are the consumer's responsibility.

  • How do I know when to have my Honda product serviced?

    Please see the maintenance section of your owner's manual. The service intervals in the maintenance schedule are based on average riding conditions. Some items will need more frequent service if you ride in unusually wet or dusty areas or at full throttle. Consult your Honda dealer for recommendations applicable to your individual needs and use.

  • I have a service related concern with my Honda dealer. What should I do?

    We recommend discussing your concerns directly with the Service Manager of the dealer. They are in the best position to assist you. If you are still not satisfied please contact our Motorcycle Customer Support department at 866-784-1870.

  • I am having problems with my Honda product. What should I do?

    Please contact your dealer for repair assistance. They are in the best position to physically inspect and diagnose your Honda product.