Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I purchase Honda products directly from American Honda?

    No, Honda products can only be purchased through an authorized Honda dealer.

  • What are Honda's current sales promotions?

    Please click here to see our current programs or see a local Honda dealer.

  • I saw a current Honda sales promotion being advertised. How can I take advantage of it?

    Please contact a local dealer for all sales promotion information. Dealer participation may vary.

  • I placed an order for a new Honda product with my dealer. When will it arrive?

    Please contact your dealer. Your dealer can contact our Dealer Sales Desk for current shipment information. This service is available to dealers only.

  • I have a sales related concern with my Honda dealer. What should I do?

    We recommend discussing your concerns directly with the Sales Manager of your dealer. They are in the best position to assist you. If you are still not satisfied please contact our Motorcycle Customer Support department at 866-784-1870.