You’re itching to get out and go dirt riding, but you’re new to the sport and you’re not sure whether you should opt for two wheels or four.

 A dirtbike might be able to take you more places—singletrack alpine trails, narrow river washes, etc.—but an ATV can pack more and it’s got, well, four wheels. Naturally, as a beginner, this makes you feel more secure and comfortable knowing that you never need to put your feet down to avoid tipping over.

What’s most important, as with choosing the right-size off-road machine, is how you intend to ride, and where you intend to go. If it’s all-day comfort and that confidence-inspiring peace of mind that comes with being on four wheels, then an ATV’s for you. 
However, if you’re secure learning to dirt ride on two wheels and you want a machine on which you can explore your local woods or narrow river canyons, then a motorcycle’s the better option.
And if you’re still not sure, consider this: You can never go wrong starting your off-road career on an ATV. It’s the perfect vehicle for learning about the limits of traction while honing your dirt-riding skills. And once you are comfortable and confident navigating the unpaved world, you can decide if you want to switch to two wheels—or stay on four.