There’s a certain joy and satisfaction that comes from passing on your love of riding in the dirt, especially for those of you with kids. The grins and giggles of pure exhilaration you’ll hear when your youngsters start getting the hang of dirt-riding are priceless and what family fun is all about. 
But, as we all know with most everything in life, there’s a right way and a wrong way to teach your kids how to ride both safely and responsibly. There are numerous sources of advice and information on safe, responsible riding out there to help you, with Honda’s own Rider Education Centers being one of the best for both instructional and hands-on training.
Meantime, Mom and Dad, here are a few pointers to help you get started on the right trail:

1.    Be sure that your child really is interested. Each kid is different, and while you might love playing in the dirt, your child might not.

2.    Can they avoid obstacles? If your child has trouble steering around things on their bicycle or tricycle, then they should not be on a motorcycle.

3.    Size and strength. Have your youngster sit on an appropriate size off-road vehicle to see if they can reach and operate all the controls.

4.    Are they coordinated? Off-road riders need good hand-eye coordination, agility and a sense of balance. If your child is good at riding a bicycle, skateboarding, or playing sports, they will probably pick up dirt riding quickly.

5.    Do they have the patience to learn? Concentration and the willingness to follow parental directions are musts when determining if your child is ready to ride.

6.    Age appropriate? In some cases, specific age requirements may apply to particular vehicles. Review your Owner's Manual and check local regulations.