Walk into any motorcycle or ATV dealership and the sheer variety of bikes and quads can sometimes be overwhelming. However, rest assured there’s a Honda off-roader for everybody. Here are some answers to your FAQs to ensure you leave your local Honda dealership on the right red machine:

1.   How do I know when a bike or ATV is the right size? When it comes to choosing an appropriate-size bike or ATV, nothing beats going to a dealer and actually sitting on the machine. If it feels too big, it probably is—and it will be even harder for you to control out in the dirt. On the other hand, if it feels too small it might be too uncomfortable to ride. Get a feel for the various models on the floor, and then discuss your needs with a knowledgeable Honda sales rep.

2.   How should the bike or ATV fit me? If you’re a novice, you should make sure that: 1) your feet can touch the ground; 2) you can easily kick the starter (for kick-start models); and 3) all controls (brake, throttle, clutch) are comfortably within reach.

3.   How do I know if a bike has too much (or too little) power? If you’re a beginner or child, you should be careful not to buy a bike or ATV with too much power, as this could pose serious control problems. Again, don’t hesitate to discuss in detail your skill level and riding needs with your Honda dealer.

4.   What sort of model should I buy? Honda makes both dedicated motocross and off-road motorcycles, as well as utility and sport ATVs.Plan on mostly riding trails? Then it might be best to go with one of our CRF-F or CRF-X models as opposed to the race-spec CRF-R. The same goes for ATVs, and our larger-displacement, track-ready TRX models.