Dressing Up the Pioneer 700 and 700-4

    American Honda
    Sep 12, 2013

The introduction of the brand-new 2014 Pioneer 700 and Pioneer 700-4 two-person and four-person off-road machines kicks off a whole new phase of Honda side-by-side history. But for many soon-to-be owners, that’s only the beginning of the story. Honda is introducing more than 50 accessories that will be showroom-ready right alongside these exciting new machines. There are mind-boggling numbers of possible accessory combinations to customize these great new machines to fulfill specific job requirements. So whether your primary intent is to work hard or play hard with the new Pioneers, here’s an early look at some of the Honda Genuine Accessories/Honda Signature Accessories that will available.

Bimini Top (2P/4P); SRP: $99.95
Bimini Top (4P); SRP: $149.95
Top/Back Black (2P); SRP: $249.95
Top/Back Camo (2P); SRP: $274.95
Top/Back Black (4P); SRP: $424.95
Top/Back Camo (4P); SRP: $449.95
Hard Top (2P)/Cab; SRP: $299.95
Hard Top (4P)/Cab; SRP: $399.95
Hard Top (2P on 4P); SRP: $299.95
Soft Top Back 4P Hard Cab; SRP: $229.95
Rear Doors Black (4P); SRP: $499.95
Rear Doors Camo (4P); SRP: $529.95
Front Doors Camo (2P/4P); SRP: $529.95
Hard Cab Front Doors (2P); SRP: $1599.95
Fabric Front Doors (2P/4P); SRP: $499.95
Fabric Mid Panel (4P)/Rear Panel (2P); SRP: $119.95
Fabric Rear Panel (4P); SRP: $109.95
Hard Cab Rear Panel (2P on 4P); SRP: $599.95
Hard Cab Rear Panel (4P); SRP: $599.95
Hard Cab Rear Panel (2P); SRP: $549.95
Windscreen/Hard Coated; SRP: $349.95
Two-Piece Windscreen/Hard Coated; SRP: $599.95
Half Windscreen; SRP: $184.95
Two-Piece Windscreen/Optical; SRP: TBD
Windscreen/Optical; SRP: TBD
Glass Windshield; SRP: $599.95
Windshield Wiper Kit; SRP: $229.95
Rear View Mirror; SRP: $89.95
Door Mirror Kit; SRP: $99.95
Winch; SRP: $799.95
Aluminum A-Arm Guards (Front); SRP: $149.95
Aluminum A-Arm Guards (Rear); SRP: $149.95
Full Storage Cover (2P); SRP: $149.95
Full Storage Cover (4P); SRP: $199.95
Bed Extender; SRP: $249.95
Horn Kit; SRP: $79.95
Front Seat Covers Camo - Set (2P/4P); SRP: $149.95
Rear Seat Covers Camo - Set (4P); SRP: $119.95
Rear Bumper; SRP: $199.95
Front Bumper; SRP: $399.95
Back Up Alarm; SRP: $89.95
Roll Cage Cargo Bag; SRP: $69.95
Rear Cargo Net; SRP: $99.95
Heater Fan; SRP: $549.95
Snow Plow; SRP: $999.95
Auxillary Lights; SRP: $299.95
Light Bar; SRP: $369.95
Poly Bed Mat (4P); SRP: $229.95
Flag with Mount; SRP: $79.95
Graphics Kit (Red, Olive or Camo); SRP: TBD
Auxillary Wiring Harness; SRP: $299.95
38mm Light Bar/Auxillary Clamp - Fits lower tubes of Pioneer bumpers; SRP: $29.95
44mm Light Bar/Auxillary Clamp - Fits top tube of Pioneer bumpers; SRP: $29.95
41mm Light Bar/Auxillary Clamp - Fits Pioneer ROPS; SRP: $29.95
Accessory Sub Harness; SRP: $5.95

For a complete list of Pioneer accessory items along with product descriptions, part numbers and pricing, please log onto powersports.honda.com/accessories.aspx.

Because we’re so confident in the quality of each of our Honda Genuine Accessories/Honda Signature Accessories, we’re pleased to offer one of the best warranties in the industry. One-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer.

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