Honda Fast Firsts

    American Honda
    Mar 04, 2014

Honda has been putting bright ideas on two wheels from the beginning. Mr. Honda himself was responsible for more than 470 patents over his career. Here are just a few instances where that same Performance First ideal led the way with new ideas.

First product sold with the Honda name:
The 1947 A-type bicycle engine, a 50cc two-stroke making one-horsepower at 5000 rpm that was fitted to a standard bicycle frame and sold until 1951.

First Honda model exported to the U.S.:
The 1959 Super Cub.

First bike off the Marysville, Ohio, assembly line:
The 1980 CR250.

Winner of the first AMA 125 National motocross title:
Marty Smith on the Honda CR125 Elsinore.

First large-displacement Honda motorcycle with an automatic transmission:
The 1976 CB750A featured the Hondamatic dual-range transmission, and was produced until 1978.

First two-stroke engine to use a single vibration-canceling counterbalancer:
Introduced to Japan in 1979 as the MB50, the unique little 8-horsepower sport bike debuted in America in 1982 as the MB-5.

First production motorcycle using offset-crankpin technology for smooth performance:
The 1983 Shadow 750 V-twin.

First viable, cleaner-burning two-stroke race bike:
The 1995 EXP-2 with Activated Radical Combustion technology that debuted in the 1995 Paris-Dakar rally. Bruce Ogilvie won the Vet class aboard one at the 1995 2000-mile Nevada rally.

First aluminum-framed production motocross bike:
The 1997 CR250R.

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