Not Seeing is Believing: Honda Phantom Camouflage

    American Honda
    Jan 10, 2014

By definition, camouflage describes the use of any combination of materials, coloration or illumination for concealment, by making objects difficult to see. That seems simple enough. But toss in another word—hunting—along with the idea of camouflage, and things really take off like a shot—pun intended.

Every year, more than 12 million hunters over the age of 16 take to the field in the USA, and for many of these people, the pursuit of camouflage is just as passionate as the pursuit of game itself. For many, everything you take into the field on your hunt absolutely must be camouflaged, including the ATV or side-by-side (SxS) you use to haul your gear into the backcountry. And even if you’re a more casual hunter, or maybe you don’t even hunt much at all, the looks of a Honda decked out in a camo scheme simply appears… well, just right.

To that end, select 2014 Honda ATVs as well as the new Honda Pioneer™ side-by-sides offer a new twist: Honda Phantom Camo™. This pattern, developed in-house by Honda R&D in America following extensive research, is exclusive to Honda and offers excellent camouflage properties that can be used in a wide range of environments. To develop Honda Phantom Camo, researchers traveled to a wide variety of locations across America during different seasons to document the various environments and their patterns. Next, they translated this work and used computer analysis to develop a new camo pattern by blending together this data to create an effective and visually pleasing natural camo design.

The effectiveness of this “reality-based” camouflage pattern was tested using Honda ATV/SxS customers and also evaluated by design experts and ATV/SxS owners within Honda. The result is a pattern that incorporates a blended motif of trees, leaves and twigs with natural coloration that is remarkably successful. Given its ATV/SxS application, Honda Phantom Camo incorporates one of largest "non-repeat" patterns available, meaning the same camo detail print is seldom repeated on the same part anywhere on the vehicle—a more accurately random pattern. Also, because Honda Phantom Camo features a combination of "depth of field" and generic coloring of trees, leaves and twigs, the pattern can be used in a wide variety of hunting environments found in North America during a variety of seasons. Honda Phantom Camo is, in a word, "realistic"—and that’s the goal whenever hunters take to the field.

In addition, the plastic material used as the base layer in Honda Phantom Camo is new to Honda’s camo manufacturing process; it provides better graphic adhesion, excellent durability and improved resistance to fuel spillage to ultimately give better long-term satisfaction to Honda customers.

Hunters who have long been enthusiastic fans of Honda ATVs/SxS have even more reason to get excited: Honda ATVs/SxS along with genuine Honda Phantom Camo.

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