HRC CRF450R Tuning Kit

    American Honda
    Nov 19, 2013

Motocross racing conditions can vary immensely from one track to the next, and having the ability to alter engine tuning can play a large part in finding success at the track. To that end, Honda Genuine Accessories offers owners of the 2013-14 CRF450R a next-generation PGM-FI Tuning Kit from HRC. With this tuning kit, riders can use a Setting Tool to adjust EFI fuel delivery and ignition timing over a wide range of settings to alter power characteristics to suit rider preference or track conditions, and now these changes can be made more quickly and easily.

Unlike previous-generation HRC tuning kits for the CRF250R and CRF450R, this updated CRF450R PGM-FI Tuning Kit allows riders to use a computer to alter multiple cells at the same time; the prior-generation setups required alterations to be made one cell at a time. In addition, the new program is now compatible with Windows 7 as well as Windows 2000, SE, XP and Vista. So thanks to this new-generation setup, altering the state of engine tuning with the CRF450R becomes easier and faster than ever before.

In essence, the HRC Setting Tool software installs a secondary setting in the bike’s ECU that modifies certain outputs of the ECU’s base map. Changes are achieved by altering the percentage for fuel injection delivery and the number of degrees for the ignition timing. Put in parallel terms as an example, this setup works the way a stereo equalizer functions to shade music output; you recognize the song being played, but it can end up sounding very different depending on how you adjust the values in the equalizer. In this case, the factory EFI/ignition map is your ECU’s “song” and the HRC Setting Tool is your ECU’s "equalizer.”

The setting tool does not offer infinite ECU adjustability, but that’s a good thing because improper settings could actually decrease performance. There is more than enough adjustability in this program to give even the most exacting riders the ability to tune their CRF-R to their preference. And if the settings get so far off that the motorcycle begins to run poorly and you do not know where to go with your settings, all you have to do is set everything back to “0” (zero) and your bike is in stock tune again. It’s that simple.

As you begin to create new settings, it’s important to start slowly and work in small increments. Understand that changes in fuel delivery of plus-or-minus 1 to 2 percent, or a plus-or-minus 1 to 2 degrees change in ignition timing, can significantly affect throttle response and engine characteristics. If the setting tool is being used on a stock CRF-R (exhaust, engine components, etc.), it is recommended that FI settings be changed no more than plus-or-minus 5 percent. Ignition timing settings should be changed no more than plus-or-minus 2 degrees. If values are adjusted out of this range, it becomes difficult to maintain correct engine performance. Modified bikes, however, may require adjustments to be made outside of these parameters.

As a general rule of thumb, here are the effects you can expect when modifying the standard settings:

—Fuel volume up (+): Small amounts of change will help create quicker throttle response and will correct a lean-running condition or compensate for modifications to engine, intake, or exhaust.

—Fuel volume down (-): Small amounts of change will help create milder throttle response and will correct a rich running condition or compensate for modifications to engine, intake, or exhaust.

—Ignition timing advanced (+): More aggressive power delivery.

—Ignition timing retarded (-): Less aggressive power delivery for good torque and power without an “edgy” feeling.

With a suggested retail price of $459.95, this newest CRF450R PGM-FI Tuning Kit from HRC opens the gateway to new engine-tuning options for dedicated racers.

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