2014 Honda FourTrax Foreman Expands TraxLok 4x4 Capabilities

    American Honda
    Nov 01, 2013

Honda’s line of utility ATVs is renowned for being hard working, tough, versatile and rider-friendly, whether it’s on the job or during weekend fun rides. Proven over the years, this reputation is well earned; various forms of innovative Honda technology play a huge role in giving Honda ATVs a decisive advantage—and that also makes them a terrific value. Honda’s TraxLok® selectable 2WD/4WD drive system is a prime example of such technology, and this system now reaches a whole new level of functionality in the 2014 FourTrax® Foreman® 4x4 models thanks to the addition of a selectable front locking differential mode that allows you to put more power to the ground gives even more traction in really tough terrain.

The TraxLok 2WD/4WD system has long served riders well aboard Honda 4x4 ATVs. TraxLok utilizes a magnetic switching mechanism called an Electromagnetic Mechanical Clutch Unit (EMCU). This system actuates a mechanical roller clutch located on the driveshaft near the front differential. This two-way mechanical roller clutch incorporates a series of hardened-steel rollers that lock up in a mere six degrees of rotation, which makes for a smooth, virtually instantaneous response while either accelerating or decelerating on flat ground or on an incline.

In addition, the system also operates when Reverse gear is engaged. To promote smooth operation, the TraxLok system engages only when the speed differential between the front and rear wheels is less than six mph. Once engaged, the system remains engaged on downhills to deliver true 4WD braking.

For 2014, the new-generation FourTrax Foreman 4x4 ATVs feature a brand-new TraxLok system, one that incorporates the option of a fully locking front differential. As before, riders can enjoy the option of an easily selectable 2WD or 4WD mode. However, the 2014 Foreman now has the capacity to operate in a third mode: a fully locked front differential when in 4WD that gets the power to both wheels for use in challenging terrain to maximize available traction, whether it’s swampy, rocky, sandy or uneven ground. This option is very easy for the rider to engage; after pressing the 4WD selector button on the right-side handlebar, just rotate the differential lock switch and it’s set to go. An indicator light on the instrument display shows when the differential lock is engaged.

In addition, the Foreman features a Speed Override mode that can be engaged when the front differential is locked, which allows increased wheel speed under severe conditions such as deep mud. When riding in the front differential lock mode, speeds in normal usage are limited to 20 mph. However, when encountering conditions such as deep mud that slows the ATV while the wheels spin, pushing and holding the Speed Override button allows momentary higher wheel speeds for extra pulling power—quite a benefit when the going gets tough.

Without a doubt, Honda’s TraxLok 2WD/4WD system adds a significant degree of versatility and utility to 4x4 Honda ATVs, qualities that continue to draw riders to the brand. And these new additions to TraxLok-mode operation in the FourTrax Foreman 4x4 reflect Honda’s commitment to developing ongoing advances in ATV technologies that benefit riders in real-world conditions.

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