Honda Throttle By Wire Technology

    American Honda
    Oct 18, 2013

Among its numerous technical credentials, the VFR1200F features a clever and effective bit of Honda engineering: the use of a Throttle By Wire (TBW) system. Thanks to this setup, the throttle valve layout in the Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) system is now freed from the restrictions imposed by a mechanically linked/actuated throttle-grip system. As a result, this TBW setup is more compact and lighter than conventional cable-operated systems.

This TBW setup also incorporates an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to process information gathered from multiple sources: the rider’s throttle control input, engine speed via a crankshaft position sensor, manifold absolute pressure, gear position, vehicle speed, engine coolant and intake air temperatures, and throttle grip position. This combination of data all helps the TBW system provide precise throttle response. At the same time, it also provides fuel delivery that is smoother and more precise than would be otherwise possible.

The end benefit to the rider is a superior level of control and feel through the throttle, a true next-generation, direct level of connectivity with the machine that heightens the riding experience. In addition, the VFR1200F’s TBW system eliminates the need for the Idle Air Control Valve used in other Honda PGM-FI systems to deliver a consistent idle; TBW simply delivers more sensitive and accurate fuel metering response to rider input compared to mechanically linked PGM-FI systems regardless of riding conditions. From where the rider sits, TBW works virtually invisibly to improve engine responsiveness and operation, and provide a linear and well-connected throttle feeling.

All of which aptly illustrates how Honda technology continues to bring real-world benefits to riders.

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