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Cole Seely

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The road to a successful racing career and a ride with the factory Honda team was a little unconventional compared to most of his competition. Seely was never an amateur standout and even quit racing for a brief period at age 16, but his passion for racing brought him back. His pure talent and his background as an amateur BMX racer prepared him well for when he turned pro in 2009 and signed with the Troy Lee Designs Honda team for the following season.

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    Date Race Series Round Location
    2015 Supercross 2015 Supercross 03.28.15 2015 Supercross 13 St. Louis, Mo
    2015 Supercross 2015 Supercross 04.11.15 2015 Supercross 14 Houston, Tx
    2015 Supercross 2015 Supercross 04.18.15 2015 Supercross 15 Santa Clara, Ca
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    2015 Supercross 2015 Supercross 05.02.15 2015 Supercross 17 Las Vegas, Nv
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    Moto GP Moto GP 03.29.15 Moto GP 1 Qatar
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    Moto GP Moto GP 05.03.15 Moto GP 4 Spain
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