2-into-2 Exhaust System
Shaft Final Drive
Three-Valve Dual-Plug Combustion Chamber
V-Twin Engine
Low Seat Height
Front-Disc Brake
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Stylish Finish
Spoked Wheels
Gunfighter Saddle
Shorty Front Fender
Five-Speed Transmission


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Rides as good as it looks.

Anyone who says cruisers put style before function never spent any time on this bike.

The Phantom’s torque-rich 745cc V-twin engine serves up heaps of low, mid- and top-end muscle and features Programmed Fuel Injection and a three-valve/dual-plug combustion chamber construction.

The Shadow Phantom scores high on looks and performance but can be yours without a huge hit to your wallet. Are you ready?