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If you—and about three-quarters of the planet—thought the Honda Grom was cool before, check out the 2017 version! The first thing you’ll notice is the aggressive bodywork and rad colors. Then pay some attention to the headlight—its LED design not only looks fresh, but it works great too. There’s a two-tier seat, a more defined tail section, and a low-mount muffler design.

Some things haven’t changed, though. The Grom still features a 125cc engine, and its fun factor is still off the charts. It really is a blast to ride—giving you all the excitement and freedom of a motorcycle, but because it’s so user friendly and approachable it basically eliminates any intimidation factor.

And the Grom makes a ton of sense when it comes to dollars and cents too: You can run it on pocket change, and you can park it just about anywhere too.

Everyone who sees a Grom can’t help falling in love with this awesome little fun machine. So why not get in on the fun yourself? Get a Grom, and let the Gromance begin!

  • Styling For 2017.

    Styling For 2017.

    For 2017, the Grom gets some fresh bodywork and colors, so this hot little bike looks cooler than ever.

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  • Surprising Performance.

    Surprising Performance.

    What makes the Grom so much fun? It all starts with a great motor. The Grom’s single-cylinder design is light, narrow, and revs fast. Fuel injection helps performance, electric starting makes it a snap to get going, and plenty of maintenance-reducing features mean more time to ride. 

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  • Big-Bike Features.

    Big-Bike Features.

    Exhibit A: the four-speed transmission. You get all the control and performance of a standard motorcycle gearbox, and the fun of shifting and deciding when to shift. Exhibit B: Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear give you excellent stopping power.

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  • Just The Right Size For Fun.

    Just The Right Size For Fun.

    With its low 30.0-inch seat height, lightweight, low center of gravity and narrow profile, the Grom inspires confidence, and is a blast whether flicking around corners or cruising around town.

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  • Wanna Ride? We’re Here To Help!

    Wanna Ride? We’re Here To Help!

    If you’re interested in riding but not sure where to begin, our Learn To Ride site is for you. We’ll guide you along every step of the way, telling you what to expect. Helping you find and schedule training. Getting gear. Figuring out which bike is right for you. And what to expect at the dealer. So get started!

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  • Getting Started

    If you’re curious about riding, our Learn To Ride site is just what you need. We’ll guide you along every step of the way.

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  • Save on a new Honda.

    Save on a new Honda.

    Get $200 in Factory-to-Dealer Incentives on 2017 Grom
  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your Grom.
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