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We think motorcycles should be about getting out and enjoying the world around you. The sun, the smells, the wind, the weather. More reality and less virtual. And you know what’s even better? If you could find one bike that could do it all. Let you go exploring in the dirt. Zip along mountain roads. Commute to work every day. And even save you some money at the gas pump. Well, guess what—the CRF250L and CRF250L Rally are going to be the perfect bikes for all those things.

First, the CRF250L: It’s a great choice for a wide range of riders, as comfortable on dirt roads as it is in an urban setting. The engine is specially tuned with a large throttle body that improves the bike’s low- and mid-range power, along with the muffler, airbox, and large-diameter exhaust header. And check out its graphic treatment, matched up to our CRF450R MX bike. The CRF250L Rally gets the same engine as the standard 250L, but it also gets a larger fuel tank, Dakar-style bodywork, handguards, a windscreen, skid plate and even more suspension travel. And both give you a great upright seating position that’s comfortable for longer rides, ideal for both urban traffic or out on the trail. They’re even available with optional ABS.

  • Packs A Punch.

    Packs A Punch.

    At the heart of our CRF250L and CRF250L Rally lies a fuel-injected single-cylinder engine, complete with an electric starter, counterbalance, and double-overhead cams. So you get smooth, consistent power packing loads of low- and mid-range torque.

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  • Comfort Is Key.

    Comfort Is Key.

    Out on the trail, you want a bike that allows for upright seating, keeping you ready for whatever lies around the next bend. And you’ll find those same qualities come in handy when riding in traffic. Either way, you can maneuver varying terrain in comfort.

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  • Rally-Bike Styling.

    Rally-Bike Styling.

    The tall windscreen, the extra-coverage fairing and side panels, the blended, frame-mounted bodywork and twin headlights are all marks of a true rally machine. And while the 2017 CRF250L Rally looks great, but you’ll appreciate the extra wind- and weather protection too.

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  • Save on a new Honda.

    Save on a new Honda.

    Get $500 in Factory-to-Dealer Incentives on 2017 CRF250L
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