Plan To Go Everywhere.

No motorcycle has changed the concept of touring like the Honda Gold Wing. A horizontally opposed engine offering power, performance and perfect smoothness. Shaft final drive. A chassis designed for day–long comfort. And over the last four decades, the Gold Wing has just gotten better and better, and touring riders have had it better and better too—full-coverage bodywork, bigger engines, more cylinders, better chassis, more power, integrated luggage.

Take a week off—or even just a weekend. Pack up the Gold Wing’s saddlebags. Settle in behind that full–coverage windshield and bodywork. And point it down the road to someplace you’ve never been.

Or plan your lifetime trip, and program it in to the Gold Wing’s available navi system. You see, the Gold Wing doesn’t dictate how or where you ride—it lets you live the dream, and lets you take a lucky passenger along too.

  • Start Your Journey.

    Start Your Journey.

    Experience the innovations and features of the 2016 Gold Wing for yourself with a demo ride at participating dealers.

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  • Trip Planner

    Trip Planner

    You can plan trip routes on your home computer and upload them into your Gold Wing’s available navi system. You can share your trips with friends, or download routes from others. And when you’re using your navi system, you’ll notice features like a lane guidance/junction view feature and a GPS receiver that captures satellite signals faster. 

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  • It Just Keeps Getting Better

    It Just Keeps Getting Better

    Other features include iPod® connectivity, so you’ll be able to enjoy your adventure even more. Add the incredible line-up of the available XM® entertainment programming, and the available XM® NavTraffic® and NavWeather™ features, you can stay on course and ahead of bad weather.*

    *XM Radio, NavTraffic and NavWeather are available on the 2016 Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM, 2016 Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS and 2016 Gold Wing airbag models only. XM Radio requires a subscription, sold separately after the first 90 days.

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  • Four Performance Packages

    Four Performance Packages

    We offer the Gold Wing in four distinct performance package options, with exclusive features like Premium Surround Audio; XM® Radio with navigation, traffic, and weather; trip planner; a tire pressure monitoring system; ABS; heated grips and seat; and even one with the industry's first airbag.

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  • Save on a new Honda.

    Save on a new Honda.

    Get $1000 in Bonus Bucks on 2016 Gold Wing Audio/Comfort
  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your Gold Wing Audio Comfort.
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