Podium Ready.

It’s the little things that make the difference between that sweet taste of champagne and finishing somewhere in the back of the pack. Because, face it, every racer wants to win, and most motocross bikes these days are pretty darn good. That’s why you have to bring your best to every moto. And that’s why Honda is bringing some updates to what was already the best bike in the class, our CRF250R.

This year's fine tuning gives the CRF250R what it needs to keep you in front. Larger radiators handle the output from a more powerful engine, which includes more cam lift and titanium exhaust valves. Larger-diameter muffler pipes and an updated resonator also help increase power. In terms of suspension, the Showa® SFF-Air TAC Fork is five millimeters longer, and now features a Schrader valve to make adjusting the balance chamber easier. There’s even a updated chain-roller diameter—our engineers haven’t missed a thing. And it’s all with one goal in mind: Giving you the best 250 MX bike there’s ever been. Mission accomplished!

  • 2016 CRF250 Tech Talk

    2016 CRF250 Tech Talk

    The CRF250R has a lot of great updates for 2016 and this video will take you through them.

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  • More Powerful Unicam® Engine

    More Powerful Unicam® Engine

    The CRF250R gets some major engine upgrades this year.The top-end changes (pistons, valves, compression ratio) all contribute to the bike's race-winning power.

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  • Next Gen Showa® SFF-Air TAC Fork

    Next Gen Showa® SFF-Air TAC Fork

    Lighter and easier to tune than a conventional-spring fork, the CRF250R’s Showa® SFF-Air TAC fork improves suspension reaction and simplifies adjustments for track conditions. Updated this year with an added Schrader valve for the balance chamber for easier tuning.

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  • Choose Your Power

    Choose Your Power

    This handlebar-mounted mode-select button lets you dial in engine power delivery character with a push of your thumb. Choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive, depending on track conditions.

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  • Twice As Good

    Twice As Good

    The CRF250R pioneered our twin-muffler exhaust system. The two-pipe design means that each muffler is shorter, mounts lower and is tucked in much closer to the bike’s center of mass. For 2016, the mufflers feature a larger diameter and an updated resonator for better power delivery.

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  • Save on a new Honda.

    Save on a new Honda.

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    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your CRF250R.
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