649cc DOHC Engine
Six-Speed Transmission
Twin-Spar Steel Frame
4.5-Gallon Fuel Tank
LCD Multi-Meter
41mm Front Suspension
Dual-Disc Brakes/Optional ABS
Clip-On Handlebars
Four-Into-One Exhaust
Supersport-Style Front Cowl
Rear-Disc Brake


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The Biggest Difference of All: Honda Quality

The CBR650F does what Hondas have always done best: offer performance, innovation and quality; and deliver it at a value point that’s second to none. Add to that the CBR650F’s wide capabilities—sportbike, commuter, weekend fun machine—and you can see that it’s like having two or three machines for the price of one. Best of all, nobody else, at any price, can deliver the build quality and long-term reliability that’s made Honda famous.