More Tuneable, Better Handling. The Best 250 Out There.

Everyone knows the Honda CRF250R is one of the best handling bikes in the class. And for 2015 it just got a lot better, thanks to the addition of its new Showa® Air Fork SFF suspension. We made plenty of other fine-tuning changes as well. One ride, and we know you’ll agree it was worth the wait.

Some of the changes you’ll spot right away—the all-new Engine Mode Select button. It’s an industry first for MX bikes, and it’s going to make tuning your bike for changing track conditions a snap. Other changes include a larger front brake disc, a lighter throttle return spring and larger muffler exit-pipe diameter.

One thing’s for certain—the closer you look, and the more you ride, the more you’re going to realize that the new CRF250R is the best 250 you’ve ever wheeled up to a start gate.

  • CRF250R & CRF450R Tech Talk

    CRF250R & CRF450R Tech Talk

    The CRF250R has a lot of great updates for 2015 and this video will take you through them, as well as all the updates on the 2015 CRF450R.

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  • Next Generation Showa Air Fork

    Next Generation Showa Air Fork

    Lighter and easier to tune than a conventional-spring fork, the CRF250R’s new Showa® SFF air fork improves suspension reaction and simplifies adjustments for track conditions.

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  • Choose Your Power

    Choose Your Power

    This handlebar-mounted button lets you dial in engine power delivery character with a push of your thumb. Choose between Standard, Smooth and Aggressive, depending on track conditions.

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  • Bigger Front Brake Disc

    Bigger Front Brake Disc

    The CRF250R’s brakes have always been some of the best in the class, but they’re even better this year thanks to a larger front disc (260mm) and a new rear disc shape.

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  • Twice As Good

    Twice As Good

    New for 2015, a larger-diameter exit pipe means more power. The CRF250R’s mufflers are shorter, lower and tucked in much closer to the bike’s center of mass.

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    Your Dream Deal Starts Here

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    Mantain genuine Honda protection for your CRF250R.
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