Rugged 86cc SOHC Four-Stroke Engine
Semi-Automatic Transmission
Bump-Absorbing Suspension
Keyed Ignition
Electric Starter


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Because you only want the best.

When you head out for a memorable family weekend, make sure your teens have the best. Because you’re out there to have fun – not to disappoint your family, or mess with a hard-to-ride, unreliable ATV. That’s why we put just as much time, expertise and technology into our entry-level ATVs, like the TRX90, as we do in our hottest, full-race machines.

Honda’s legendary level of quality and engineering is obvious the first time your newbie thumbs the TRX90X’s electric starter, with the smooth power of its classic SOHC powerplant, to its wide stance and capable suspension.

Why do we put so much effort into even our smaller, entry-class ATV? Well, it’s a Honda. You wouldn’t expect anything less.

  • Rugged 86cc SOHC four-stroke engine

    • Honda's proven 86cc SOHC four-stroke engine offers smooth, useable power delivery and legendary reliability.
    • Convenient, push-button electric starter ensures hassle-free starting in all conditions.
  • Semi-automatic transmission

    • Durable automatic clutch makes takeoffs and shifting a breeze.
    • Versatile four-speed transmission geared to deliver beginner-friendly power in all riding conditions.
  • Bump-absorbing suspension

    • Independent front suspension features a pair of rugged shock absorbers with 2.6 inches of travel for a comfortable, controlled ride.
    • Single-shock rear suspension delivers all-day comfort with trail-taming handling.