Fun That Never Quits.

In a word, the TRX250X is balanced. In more words, the TRX250X is perfectly suited for new riders, experienced riders, back wood trails and hot desert sands.

It all starts with an OHC, air-cooled, longitudinally mounted engine, which translates to smooth, efficient power and loads of torque right when you need it. From there, we added our exclusive SportClutchâ„¢ that lets you manually shift for yourself, while also minimizing the potential of stalling for new riders. A shaft final drive designed to provide years of maintenance-free fun. Independent front suspension for improved control over varying conditions. And loads of that Honda reliability people love.

The only thing we left off the TRX250X is you.

Important Safety Information: Recommended for riders 16 years of age and older. Honda recommends that all ATV riders take a training course and read their owner’s manual thoroughly.

  • Longitudinal Engine Layout.

    Longitudinal Engine Layout.

    We mount our ATV engines front to back to align the drive shaft straight to the rear wheels. The result is a smooth, efficient delivery of power.

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  • Nearly Stall-Proof.

    Nearly Stall-Proof.

    Our innovative SportClutch™ allows new riders to learn the clutch without worrying about stalling, while also giving experienced riders the freedom to shift as they normally would.

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  • The New Montesa Honda Cota Replica

    Get the pedigree of a World Championship trials machine with the engineering and reliability of a Honda.

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  • You've got a garage to fill

    You've got a garage to fill

    2.99% Fixed APR on 2012-2016 ATVs
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    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your TRX250X.
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