Get Ready To Be The Center Of Attention.

The first time you see it, the Honda Stateline will grab your attention and refuse to let go. Just like it’ll draw everyone’s stares wherever you ride it. Sure, a lot of it has to do with its cool, classic lines and progressive retro styling. Or the blacked-out cylinder fins surrounding that massive 1312cc V-twin. Or the Stateline’s long, low-slung profile, perfectly accented with swept-back bars atop raked-out forks and full-size fenders spooning fat front and rear tires.

Or maybe it’s simply the combination of all these things. And you know what? Who cares? Because when a bike looks this cool and works this well, you just want to sit back, start her up. And go riding.

  • Pure Motorcycle. With The Emphasis On The Motor.

    Pure Motorcycle. With The Emphasis On The Motor.

    With its potent 1312cc 52° V-twin, the Stateline delivers strong low- and mid-range torque, ample passing power and an exhaust note that you’ll love right from the start.

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  • Classic Style Meets Modern Function.

    Classic Style Meets Modern Function.

    The Stateline’s specially designed speedometer nestles perfectly in a beautiful tank-mounted nacelle. It’s going to make you smile every time you look down at it. Styling touches like this abound on this bike.

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  • Brake Time.

    Brake Time.

    The Stateline features front and rear disc brakes, and the option of Honda’s Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS). That makes for powerful, sure stops—because you never know what the open road is going to throw at you.

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  • Fuel the Savings on a new Honda

    Fuel the Savings on a new Honda

    Get $500 in Bonus Bucks on 2014 and prior - VT1300s (VT1300CR/A, VT1300CS/A, VT1300CT/A, VT1300CX/A)
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