Get Started In The Right Gear.

There’s a good reason Honda’s CRF50F is probably the world’s most popular beginner bike. A whole bunch of great reasons, actually. First, its bulletproof engine develops the kind of smooth, easy-to-use power first-timers really need. Its three-speed transmission with automatic clutch is newbie-friendly, and its tough suspension stands up to the use (and abuse!) of first-time riders. The CRF50F has features like an adjustable throttle limiter so you can tailor the power to your rider’s skills. That kind of thoughtful engineering, long-term overall quality and a whole lot more are what make the CRF50F a Honda.

Be A Responsible Rider: All parents need to consider their youngsters' age, size, ability and maturity before allowing them to ride. Obtain a copy of "Off-Road Safety Tips" from your local Honda Dealer.

  • Beginner’s Luck.

    Beginner’s Luck.

    A beginner's bike should still be fun to ride, and the CRF50F is a blast. Powered by a smooth, easy-to-control 49cc four-stroke engine, it’s built Honda tough, too.

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  • Know Your Limits.

    Know Your Limits.

    The CRF50F has an adjustable throttle limiter, so you can decide how much power your rider can use. It’s simple for you to adjust too.

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  • Automatically Better.

    Automatically Better.

    With its automatic clutch, new riders never have to worry about stalling a CRF50F. That lets them concentrate on learning the fundamentals of riding and control. Simple is simply better.

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  • Honda Protection Plans

    Mantain genuine Honda protection for your CRF50F.
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