Power. Performance. Value. Meet The CBR650F.

This is the bike that will appeal to your practical and emotional sides. A truly fun ride at a great price, it's what Honda does like no one else. Built around a smooth, inline-four engine specifically tuned for low-to-midrange torque, the CBR650F has a powerband that’s suited for a wide range of riding styles.

Nimble? You bet—that’s always been a strong point of the 600 class. Powerful disc brakes give you premium stopping power performance, and a Twin-Spar-style steel frame forms the basis for the CBR650F’s impeccable handling, while making it versatile: weekday commuter, weekend sport riding, long trips, short hauls, solo or with a passenger.

  • Level Up!

    Level Up!

    The CBR650F offers an incredibly high fun factor and ability to tackle a sport ride through hills, commute to work, date night, group outing and much more! Level up with the CBR650F.

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  • Bang For Your Buck

    Bang For Your Buck

    This is a machine that offers an incredibly high fun factor while keeping real-world budgets in mind. Its ergonomics and performance will keep you excited and its price and features will keep your wallet happy, too.

  • Inline-Four Engine

    Inline-Four Engine

    Honda pioneered the modern inline-four layout  and we’ve never looked back. Smooth running and offering terrific performance, the CBR650F’s powerplant is one of our best.

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  • Twin-Spar Steel Frame

    Twin-Spar Steel Frame

    Rock-solid handling starts with a rock-solid chassis. The CBR650F’s frame is strong, for sharp, responsive handling, but not too stiff for casual, everyday riding.

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  • Multi-Function Instruments

    Multi-Function Instruments

    The CBR650F offers a digital LCD instrument package. Everything is clearly visible, night or day, and includes all the info you need for longer trips or cross-town commutes.

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  • Fuel the Savings on a new Honda

    Fuel the Savings on a new Honda

    Get $300 in Bonus Bucks on 2014 - CBR650F/A
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    Mantain genuine Honda protection for your CBR650F.
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