Combined Braking System
Anti-lock Braking System
Honda V-Matic Transmission
Bodywork and Windscreen
Underseat Storage
582cc Fuel Injected Engine
Two-Up Seating


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Built for the Long Haul.

With its full-coverage bodywork and protective windscreen, wide, comfortable seat and ample, on-board storage, the Silver Wing is super practical and super luxurious. Add its excellent fuel economy and famous Honda reliability, and the Honda Silver Wing is a great Plan B, when you want to leave your other vehicle at home. Heck, it’s a great Plan A too.

  • Honda V-Matic Transmission

    • With the V-Matic Transmission, riding couldn't be easier. Just start the engine, twist the gas, and go.
    • The V-Matic means no shifting, ever--not even into Neutral or Reverse.
    • The V-Matic is a continuously variable design, so you'll never feel it lurch from one gear to another.
  • Combined Braking System

    • Front brake has three pistons, the rear brake has two pistons.
    • Use the front-brake lever, and two of three front pistons are activated.
    • Use the rear-brake lever, and both rear pistons and the remaining front brake piston are activated.
    • Use the rear-brake lever only and an in-line delay valve smoothes application of the front brake piston.
  • Anti-Lock Braking System

    • If one or both of the wheels approaches a locked condition, the ABS springs into action directly engaging brake pistons to lower braking pressure as needed, and then reapplying it.
    • ABS for scooters features a circulating-type modulator with a single motor-driven pump
    • Generates hydraulic pressure regulated by an ECU-activated solenoid valve to control both front and rear brakes.
  • Bodywork & Windscreen

    • Wind-tunnel-developed full-coverage bodywork and windscreen are both beautiful and functional
    • Protects rider and passenger from the elements while reducing wind noise
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