Cruiser Style, Sporty Performance.

The Shadow 750 Spirit's style is classic cruiser. But with a sportier attitude. Featuring a low 25.7-inch seat, beefy V-twin and long, lean lines stretching to its 21-inch front wheel for a vibe that is classic “dragbike.” With Honda's reputation for quality, this is a bike you'll enjoy for years of trouble-free riding. And you get it all with one very reasonable price tag. The Shadow 750 Spirit. The performance is pure Honda, the spirit is pure sport.

  • A Lot of Spirit.

    A Lot of Spirit.

    The 750 V-twin in the Shadow Spirit produces surprising torque and get up and go. Thanks to Honda's meticulous engineering.

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  • Get the Low Down.

    Get the Low Down.

    A low seat height gives you comfort and confidence because it lets many riders put both feet flat on the ground at stops.

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  • Strong, Silent Type.

    Strong, Silent Type.

    The Spirit’s durable and virtually maintenance-free shaft final drive ensures smooth, dependable power delivery to the asphalt. No hassles, no grease flying everywhere. Just smooth, quiet power transfer.

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  • Don’t be Fuelish.

    Don’t be Fuelish.

    One of the best things about the Shadow Spirit? Its awesome fuel economy. How good? How about a 56 mile per gallon? Now that’s Honda smart!

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  • You've got a garage to fill

    You've got a garage to fill

    Get $500 in Bonus Bucks on 2014 & Prior - VT750C2/S
  • Honda Protection Plans

    Maintain genuine Honda protection for your Shadow Spirit 750.
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