234cc SOHC Engine
Classic Styling Accents
Screw-Type Valve Adjusters
Constant-Velocity Carburetor
Automatic Cam-Chain Tensioner
Solid-State CD Ignition
Front Disc Brake
Spoke Wheels
Electric Starter


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The Rebel. Performance, style and value are the way to go.

The Rebel has ample power and handling to get you round your learning curve. Plus, it comes with a large measure of technology, like an automatic cam-chain tensioner and maintenance-free CD ignition to help ensure reliability. All in all, the Rebel excels at being a Honda.

  • 234cc SOHC Engine

    Proven four-stroke powerplant is smooth, quiet, fuel-efficient and easy to maintain. Screw-type valve adjusters simplify engine work, while automatic cam-chain tensioner and solid-state CD ignition are both maintenance-free.
  • Chassis/Suspension

    Semi-double-cradle frame allows a long wheelbase and extremely low seat height (26.6").Hydraulic front fork with dual bushings and dual rear shocks with five-position spring preload adjustability deliver a smooth ride and light, agile handling.
  • Classic Styling Accents

    Custom-styled, chrome-plated headlight, taillight and turn signal casings add gleaming touches to the classic Rebel package. Pullback handlebar, teardrop fuel tank, two-piece custom seat and bobbed fenders evoke classic look of yesteryear.
  • Screw-Type Valve Adjusters

    Screw-type valve adjusters are simple, proven, reliable, and help to simplify maintenance.
  • Constant-Velocity Carburetor

    Constant-velocity (CV) carburetor gives excellent throttle response and helps contribute to the Rebel’s estimated 84 MPG fuel efficiency*.
  • Automatic Cam-Chain Tensioner

    Automatic cam-chain tensioner requires no maintenance and helps make an already low-maintenance motorcycle even better.
  • Solid-State CD Ignition

    Maintenance-free, solid-state CD ignition never needs adjustment and is super-reliable.
  • Front Disc Brake

    Front disc brake with twin-piston caliper provides great, predictable stopping power and is self-adjusting.
  • Spoke Wheels

    The Rebel’s spoke-type wheels with chrome rims add a real custom look to this sharp machine.
  • Electric Starter

    Simple, reliable push-button electric starter makes getting underway a snap, even on cold mornings or if your bike’s been sitting for a week.
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* MSRP excluding tax, license, registration, $310.00 destination charge and dealer-installed options. Dealer prices may vary.